Ett nytt land för i år – Indonesien, Bali.

    Blogg, Resa | 17 March 2019

Målet för i år var att besöka ett nytt land och det verkar kunna bli av. Bokade biljetter och boende på Bali, Indonesien. Känns riktigt spännande.

Resan verkar också kunna slå rekord i längsta flight för min del samt även kanske resulterar i lite surf och vandring på ön.

Budapest for Christmas holidays

    Resa | 10 March 2019

This was planned already in September 2018 – we were going to Budapest for the Christmas holidays between 22-26 December 2018, so we booked the tickets. SAS to go there and Norwegian to go back, quite cheap actually. This meant that we could allow us a luxury of a 5-star hotel. I think this one was the first 5-star hotel stay for me at least.

Off we went – the weather according to forecasts should be quite bad and rainy in Budapest, however it switched to -9C in Stockholm with a nice touch of white snow just ahead of Christmas. Well, nothing we could do. Flygbussarna to Arlanda and there we were on a slightly delayed SAS flight to Budapest.

Här inser jag at jag redan skriver detta på engelska så jag fortsätter väl :)

We landed late at night and went to out hotel in a shared taxi – second stop was ours. Well inside the hotel we got our room on the third floor.

Wow, what a room it was – a full 35 square meter, 3 room apartment with high ceilings and a walk-in closet, two toilets a shower and a bath tub and two TV-sets and a balcony with a view on the main street of Budapest. The hotel was Corinthia Hotel Budapest, so we highly recommend the experience once you get the chance.

The first day welcomed us with a very sunny weather despite the forecasts. So we went for a long walk around the city and visited both parts in both Buda and Pest where we had the chance to see all the touristy attractions. It was a wonderful walk. The evening was spent in a cozy restaurant, however the food was just ok, and nothing outstanding.

The second day we went to the dark side of the city where we saw the less glamorous side of Budapest life. Sorry for the photo, but this was basically a view of every corner there… A less interesting and kind of industrialized part of town made a huge contrast impact on me.

Third and last day we decided to spend by getting on the city sightseeing tour bus and after having bought the tickets we went to the bus stop. As everything was closed that day due to holidays we were not the only tourists wanting to spend a quite cold day in a warm bus just wandering around the city. There were approx 30 other people on the bus stop all waiting for their turn to jump inside and warm their hands and ears. However the City Sightseeing tour buses were full and the next bus approaching us had an angry driver inside saying that the buses are full and that the next bus will arrive in 15-30 minutes and if we wanted we could refund our tickets in the city centre at the main office. So, we went the the office for a refund instead covering a good 1 hour walk in the cold weather instead learning a bit more about the city. Quite a good idea prior to a café visit.

As we came to the Budapest New York Café we saw a huge line – well, waited for 30-40 minutes with people coughing and sneezing in our ears, and then saw that the menu of the café is very dull, expensive and not interesting at all. After having decided to take a coffee and some pastries (which were total crap!) we took some photos of this interior and went back to our hotel.

Back at the hotel we enjoyed a good treat with room service and prepared for the flight back which went smooth.

Well, a great trip with great hotel experience, good city walks, an OK spa and some bad experience of the New York Café.

London, UK

    Resa | 29 September 2018

Been to London recently. All business for 8 days in the top financial district.

First impression? Too stressed city. Second impression? Well, not so bad. Being this the first UK visit there have been some time for touristing and selfies.


Espana – trip report

    Resa | 29 September 2018

Well, what can I say? Spain trip has been the most epic and most memorable in my life. A lot has changed since that trip and I really appreciate every moment of it and what life has become after the trip. Special thanks to Granada city that made the epic journey pretty awesome!

Varför skriver jag på engelska? Vet inte, men just nu kom jag på att jag tänker in english vilket gör att jag blandar lite. Anyway, här kommer bilderna från Spanien – just for the sake of the moment.

Off to Budapest for Christmas

    Resa | 29 September 2018

Vi har precis bokat biljetter till Budapest för att fira julledigheten där. Aldrig varit där tidigare, så det blir både ett nytt land och en ny stad som hinner få plats på reseschemat detta år. För att lyxa till det lite har vi valt att stanna i ett 5-stjärnigt hotell och hinna njuta av både staden och ett inomhus pool om det skulle bli några kalla dagar i december.

Funderar på att inte fota under resan alls utan bara njuta av utsikterna och resan – det blir roligare så.

Bilder och Video från Schweiz och Frankrike

    Resa, Video | 26 July 2018


Wow – roadtrip planerad: Switzerland for my 31st birthday.

    Resa | 7 April 2018

Oh my! She’s simply the best!

Fick idag veta att min älskade har planerat, bokat in och ordnat allt för att fira min 31:a födelsedag. Det finns så många “Wow!” att säga kring det här.

Wow – vilken älskling man har!
Wow – vilken lyxresa!
Wow – det blir en roadtrip i en liten sportbil!
Wow – vilken födelsedag det blir!
Wow – vad gammal jag har blivit!
Wow – jag älskar berg och en sådan underbar present har jag inte ens kunnat drömma om!
Wow – bara wow!
Wow – hon är bäst!

Det här är rutten – allt förbi magiska berg och välkända platser som man kan pricka av på vår “att besöka” lista.

En perfekt blandning av storstadssemester, roadtrip och berg. Att resan kommer gå igenom 3 länder blir också en sorts rekord för oss att besöka tre länder på 4 dagar.

Så vi kommer att säga hej då till våren och säga hej till sommaren i just Schweiz. Eller ja, Frankrike eller Italien. :)

Väntar på Maj månad med spänning!